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Dimensiuni: 116 x 58 x 36mm (Fara Antena)
Culoare: negru
Putere emisie : 5W/2W
Banda de emisie:
Frecvente: 136.00-174.00 MHz/400.00-480.00 MHz
Capacitate canale: 99
Programare : manuala sau prin computer 

Pachetul contine:

  1. statie
  1. Acumulator 1800 mAh
  1. Incarcator priza 220V (talpa incarcare+alimentator)
  1. Antena
  1. Casti cu buton PTT pe fir
  1. Clips prindere curea
  1. Manual utilizare
  1. Alte caracteristici:
    1. Functie Radio FM
    1. Voice Prompt
    1. Codificare DTMF
    1. Coduri: 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS
    1. Time-out Timer (TOT)
    1. Pas Frecvente (5,6.25,10,12.5,20,25KHz).
    1. Functie Battery Save
    1. Functie VOX
    1. Functie Busy Channel Lock (BCL)
    1. Atentionare acumulator descarcat
    1. Dual Band, Dual Display si Dual Standby.
    1. Iluminare display automata
    1. 3 setari de scanare (Time, Carrier wave, Search )
    1. PTT-ID (Press PTT to transmit code, release PTT to transmit code, or both can transmit code).
    1. Frequency Difference Setting.
    1. Shortcut prin taste catre anumite functii ale menu-ului
    1. Reverse Frequency Function
    1. Emergency Alarm
    1. Selectare putere High &Low
    1. Functie Scanare Prioritara
    1. Selectie Wide/Narrow a benzii
    1. Codificare ANI
    1. Relay Forwarding Confirmed (1750 HZ).
    1. Functie reducere a zgomotului
    1. U/V Cross Band Dual Watch
Frequency Range
136.00-174.00 MHz
400.00- 470.00 MHz
Storage Channel
Step Frequency
Rated Voltage
DC 7.4 V
Battery Capacity
Battery Duration
About 10 Hours
Frequency Stability
Work Temperature
-20 ?~60?
Frequency Combination
PLL frequency synthesis
Antenna Impedance (Ohm)
Wok Mode
Same Frequency  simplex Operation or Different Frequency  simplex Operation
116x58x 36 mm (Excluded Antenna)

Output Power5W/2W
Modulation Mode(W/N Band)FM (F3E)
Maximum Frequency Deviation (W/N Band)<5khz (w),=””><2.5khz>
Spurious Power≤7.5 µW
Adjacent channel power65dB (W) ,55dB (N)
Spurious Radiation<>
Audio Distortion<5>
SNR45dB (W), 40dB (N)
CTSCC/DCS Frequency Deviation (W/N Band)0.7±0.1KHz (W), 0.4±0.1KHz (N)
Modulation Sensitivity8-12mV
Transmitting Current≤1200mA

?0.20 µV (12dB  SINAD)
Audio Power
Inter modulation Interference Resistance
≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)
Adjacent channel Sensitivity (W/N Band)
≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)
Audio Distortion
Receiving Current
Detalii tehnice statii
Programare PC Manual
Canale 99
Putere de emisie 5W
Frecvente 136.00-174.00 MHz 400.00-480.00 MHz

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