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    Abbree A-168 Portable Mini Walkie Talkie with Hidden Display 128 Channels UHF 400-480MHz Ham Amateur Radio Two Way Radio 
    1.Sample Operation: The A-168 has been designed for easy,intuitive use.The side volume control,dedicated power button,and top toggle channel switch have all been designed for quick one-hand access.Channel "fast toggle" allows users to scroll through 10 channels at a short time.
    2.Advanced technology:The A-168 is outfitted with the lastest technology for performance and ease of use.The shatterproof view display uses a matrix of LEDs behind the radio housing to communicate radio info and shuts off when not use to conserve battery life.


    1. Hidden screen display

    2.128 channels

    3. VOX Handsfree Capable

    4. Silent operation

    5. Automatic extinction

    6. Low power alerts

    7. High voltage protection

    8. Channel scanning

    9. Time setting display screen

    10. Percent display battery capacity

    11. High / low power selection

    12. Keyboard lock

    13. Select the fastly channel

    14. Side key can be customize


    Package include:

    1 X Portable Radio

    1 X Antenna

    1 X 1800mAh Li-ion Battery

    1 X Li-ion Charger

    1 X Belt Clip

    1 X The Sling

    Technical details radios
    Programming PC
    Channels 128
    Transmiter power 3W
    Frequencies UHF 400-48MHz

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