1,400.00 RON
  • EAN: 10200105
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    Quad Band Operation:29/50/144/430MHzV+U Full Duplex Operation
    V+U/V+V/U+U Dual Band OperationWide/Narrow Band(25kHz/12.5kHz)
    DTMF-ANI/5 Tone-ANI functionCTCSS Encode/Decode
    COMP functionCross-Band Repeat
    DCS Encode/Decode809 Memory channels
    2 tone/5 toneAM Mode for Aeronautical Band(108-135.995MHz)
    Automatic power offDisplay brightness setting
    Scrambler6 Hyper Memory(store complete radio configuration)


     The frequency ranges of the TYT TH-9800 radios are locked in 28-29.7Mhz, 50-54Mhz, 144-148MHz, and 420-450MHz. But you can unlock the frequency range if needed.

    How the unlock the frequency ranges?

    1. Connect your TH-9800 with the programming software and load (''read'') it to the software

    2. Press ''CtrL+F11'' and enter the password ''9800TYT'';

    3. Edit the frequency range:
    Maximum Frequency Range:
    - 26-33MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
    - 47-54MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
    - 136-174MHz (RX/TX)
    - 400-480MHz (RX/TX)

    4. Write to the radio, turn off the radio and then turn it back on. Now, it can work in the expected frequency range.

    Frequency Range26-33MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
    47-54MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
    136-174MHz (RX/TX)
    400-480MHz (RX/TX)
    108-136 (AM band RX only)
    320-399.000 (RX only)
    750-950 (RX only)
    Channel Capacity809 channels
    Channel Spacing5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50KHz
    Modes of EmissionF3, F2, F1
    Antenna Impendence50 Ohms, unbalanced(Antenna Duplexer bulit-in)
    Frequency Stability±5 [email protected]°F~+140°F(-10℃-+60℃)
    Operating Voltage-4°F~+A140°F(-10℃-+60℃)
    Operating Temperature Range13.8VDC (±15%). Negative ground
    Current Cunsumption(Approx)RX: 0.5A (Squelched)
    TX:8.0A (50/430MHz), 8.5A(29/144MHz)
    Case Size(WXHXD)140×41.5x168mm (w/0 knobs & connectors)
    Output Power50/20/10/5W(29/50/144MHz)
    Modulation TypeVariable Reactance
    Maximum DeviationBetter than -60dB(29MHz:Better than -50dB)
    Modulation DistortionLess than 3%
    Microphone Impedance2kΩ
    DATA jack Impedance10KΩ
    Circuit TypeDouble-conversion super-heterodyne
    Intermediate Frequency45.05MHz/450KHz(left band)
    47.25MHz/450KHz(right band)
    Sensitivity(for 12dB SINAD)Better than 0.2μV
    Squelch SensitivityBetter than 0.16μV
    Maximum AF Output[email protected]Ω for 5% THD
    AF Output Impedance4-16Ω


    • 1 x Radio unit
    • 1 x Keypad DTMF microphone
    • 1 x Radio body mounting bracket
    • 1 x DC power cable with fuse holder
    • 1 x Front controller mounting bracket
    • 1 x Screw pack
    • 1 x Protection fuse
    • 1 x User manual
    Technical details radios
    Programming PC and Manual
    Channels 809
    Transmiter power 50W
    Frequencies 26-33MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX) 47-54MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX) 136-174MHz (RX/TX) 400-480MHz (RX/TX) 108-136 (AM band RX only) 320-399.000 (RX only) 750-950 (RX only)

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