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  • EAN: 60700150
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    Carrier frequency band: UHF adjustable (520-580MHz)
    Digital audio transmission technology
    Unique digital ID code pilot technology, ID code 32bit, completely solve the same frequency crosstalk phenomenon.
    Ultra low audio delay.
    Audio sampling mode: 48KHz.
    Frequency range: 50Hz - 18KHz.
    Receive automatic scanning
    Open environment theory transmission distance: 20-30 meters
    Microphone type
    Picking up way heart pointing
    Frequency range 520-580MHz
    RF bandwidth 60MHz
    Frequency points 8
    Transmitting power 10mW
    Frequency response 50Hz - 18KHz
    Dynamic range 96dB
    Harmonic radiation <-50dBc
    Distortion <0.1%
    Power supply mode One 1200mA lithium battery (3.7V)
    Frequency range 520-580MHz
    RF bandwidth 60MHz
    8 frequency points
    Signal to noise ratio 96dB
    Receive sensitivity -95dBm
    If there are multiple sets of products in the same environment, crosstalk may occur (same frequency with the same ID code)
    Caused by the following steps, the pairing operation can be completely solved.
    1. Adjust the transmission and reception to the shutdown state at the same time;
    2. Transmitter: Press the power switch and the frequency hopping button simultaneously for about 4 seconds, the display will flash quickly.
    3. Receiver: Turn on the receiver power, the RF indicator flashes 4 times;
    4. Transmitter: Short press the frequency hopping button to exit pairing.
    Power switch
    2. Frequency hopping switch
    Power switch
    2. RF LED
    Frequency response 50Hz - 18KHz
    Distortion 0.05%
    Dynamic range 96dB
    Receive delay 2.5ms
    Power supply mode 12000mA lithium battery (3.7V)

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